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cDiploma is a reliable and secure solution for authenticating diplomas and certificates issued by the Higher Education Institutions. The app effectively prevents document fraud in higher education setting, with the use of cryptographic methods based on industry-tested and accepted algorithms.

Benefits from diplomas’ guaranteed authenticity

cDiploma offers a wide range of benefits for various parties, ensuring the authenticity of the document and its simple verification.

  • Higher Education Institution (HEI)
    • Brand protection through ensured authenticity of diplomas and certificates,
    • Protection of graduates and their interests on the job market (securing an image of graduates as a community which may be threatened through actions of entities using fake diplomas and certificates)
    • Protection of HEI’s position in rankings by eliminating negative opinions on graduates and education process (reduced number of negative data influencing candidates decision-process while choosing university)
    • Reduction of spending for protection of the intellectual property and fraud prevention
  • Graduates
    • Support for fair competition on the job market by eliminating candidates using fake diplomas,
    • Protection of consumers who often “buy” fake diplomas from unaccredited virtual universities (diploma mills)
  • Employers
    • Ability to easily verify candidate’s diploma’s authenticity,
    • Reduction of risk related to hiring unqualified individual
    • Eliminating negative consequences of hiring a person with a falsified diploma and/or qualifications such as: costly legal services, high employee turnover, financial and reputational loss, threat to health and safety (doctors, engineers etc.)

cDiploma authentication system & how it works

cDiploma digitally marks diplomas and certificates using CS2D technology which allows to secure 2D codes via cryptographic and steganographic measures. Verification mechanism and 2D code combined prevent counterfeiting and using the diploma by unauthorized person. Undeniability is additionally guaranteed by the Distributed Ledger Technology – DLT with the end-user simply verifying the authenticity of a diploma via mobile application.

Marking of diplomas and certificates

A diploma or a certificate is marked once it is generated by the issuer (2D code is applied in the digital version of the document, before it is printed). The system can work with any diploma generation process distinctive for the organization. cDiploma integrates with SIS/LMS systems used by the HEIs through dedicated API. Diplomas can be also marked through cDiploma’s web application or Microsoft Office software.

Authenticity check – certainty and simplicity

Authenticity is checked by scanning a unique cryptographic code from the diploma via free cDiploma mobile application (Android, iOS) and providing a simple input of data from the diploma as requested by the app.

Security and undeniability of data – Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

A set of data required to confirm the authenticity of a diploma is recorded in the cDiploma system as well as in the DLT database which is controlled by all universities participating in the system through a network of nodes. This way an unauthorized action on the DLT database is almost impossible. The increased security and undeniability of data is guaranteed by the technology and not by a service provider or a trusted third party.

cDiploma’s key elements

  • Diploma or certificate marked with a unique, cryptographical 2D code,
  • Free mobile application for simple verification of diplomas and certificates
  • Authentication system to mark and verify diplomas and certificates delivered as an independent web app (SaaS model) or integration with any SIS or LMS, and with the Office 365 suite
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ensuring security, integrity and indisputability of data
  • Award-winning, cryptographically secured 2D QR codes awarded with two gold medals at Concours Lepine International 2019 in Paris, including a special prize – medal from the French Ministry of Defense.
  • Cryptographical algorithms and system architecture guaranteeing systems effectiveness and utilization for many years to come.

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